One Night in Miami: Regina King invites us to an evening with 4 African-American legends

If you could invite 4 historical icons, changemakers or culture shifters – dead or alive – to your dinner party, who would you choose? One Night in Miami makes a strong case for who your guests should be: Cassius Clay (about to be Muhammad Ali), Malcolm X, NFL star-turned-Hollywood actor Jim Brown and soul singer Sam Cooke. Four African-American titans. With this film, Oscar and Emmy-winning actor Regina King makes her directorial debut, collaborating with screenwriter Kemp Powers, who adapts h

Expensive Shit

Nigerian toilet attendant Tolu (Modupe Adeyeye) works in a popular nightclub and helps to exploit unsuspecting women for the titillation of men who watch from behind a mirror. When her friend (Kim Allan) becomes embroiled in the scheme, Tolu has to make a choice: does she save herself or her friend? Glasgow based writer-director Adura Onashile makes her directorial debut with the award-winning play, now short film, Expensive Shit. What was originally a tale of two toilets is now a tale of just

The Best and Worst Dressed of the American Music Awards 2019

The American Music Awards 2019 took place Sunday 24th November and some celebs showed up and some, well . . . there’s ALWAYS next year, January 5th 2020 to be exact. There’s something about the AMAs that is, of course, unlike the other music award ceremonies. On the red carpet, at the Grammys you’ll find diamonds in the rough. At the MTV Video Music Awards you’ll many ‘borderline’ celebs looking rough. And at the Billboard Music Awards . . . does anyone even watch that? So, lets see who needs a

Anatomy of a Christmas Movie

‘Tis the season to NETFLIX and TINSEL. Nothing says Christmas like millennial child actors, cringe acting and binge watching. So, let’s see who’s made it on the naughty list this year . . . you might need a glass of mulled wine for this! I’m not gonna lie. The whole aspiring journalist working abroad in some ridiculously named European country to get the inside scoop on her soon-to-be Prince Charming is a bit of me! However, if I see another extremely beautiful yet ‘ordinary’ blonde from a smal

There’s something about Arthur #Joker Review

Is it just me, or does Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) seem to have a fleck on his shoulder? CLOWN – well . . . he’s certainly the butt of everyone’s jokes. From his clown colleagues to ‘Murr-raaaaay’ (Robert DeNiro) and even his own mother (Frances Conroy aka American Horror Story LEGEND!). How can we forget the literal line that punched (see what I did there) poor Arthur’s heart: “But you’re not funny”. Yep, definitely a jab to the soul. Such a dream killer which is ironic considering his moth

Fans are having fun with this new Sonic the Hedgehog poster

Who knew the positioning of a blue CGI hedgehog could cause this much controversy? When the new unofficial poster for the live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie surfaced across the internet a few days ago it had led a lot of people talking about that pose and ‘those legs’. And more specifically, the logistical nightmare of an actual human mimicking that pose. Basically, it’s Ariana-stool gate all over again. In ‘Speedster’ fashion, the poster has since gone viral and the memers have come out to p